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Shaping AI ethics: UNESCO’s fresh insights and Whale Seeker’s solutions

Updated: Mar 6

The world of artificial intelligence has, without a doubt, reshaped how we live and work. But with great power comes great responsibility. The recent UNESCO set of recommendations on the ethics of artificial intelligence has laid bare the ethical dilemmas that AI technologies pose. Are we ready to confront the challenges that lie ahead?

The findings of UNESCO's report make it clear – the ethical pitfalls of AI are becoming increasingly unbearable. From biases in AI algorithms to threats to human rights and concerns about environmental sustainability, the stakes have never been higher. The pain points are real, and they're growing.

Enter Whale Seeker, a beacon of hope in the complex world of AI ethics. We've taken the pain points highlighted by UNESCO's report and transformed them into opportunities for change. Our commitment to ethical AI is unwavering, and we've taken concrete steps to address these issues head-on.

What's the outcome of our dedication to ethical AI, backed by UNESCO's latest report? It's a future where AI works for the betterment of humanity and our oceans, not against it. We've not only signed the Montréal Declaration for Responsible AI but also achieved B Corp certification, a testament to our commitment to ethical business practices.

More about our solutions:

Our solutions are not just another AI tool; they are a transformative force for good. Our image annotation tools Möbius and Cetus or our real-time detection tools Möbius Observer and Arc specialize in detecting marine mammals, making them an invaluable asset for policy & wildlife management, conservation, environmental consulting, and offshore projects amongst others.

  • Ethical AI: Our commitment to ethical AI aligns with UNESCO's recommendations. We ensure our AI systems adhere to strict ethical guidelines, preventing biases and promoting fairness.

  • ‍Montréal Declaration: By signing the Montréal Declaration for Artificial Intelligence, we pledge to use AI for the benefit of society, respecting human rights and ethical principles.

  • ‍B Corp Certified: Our B Corp certification verifies our dedication to ethical business practices, including environmental sustainability, transparency, and social responsibility.

  • ‍Environmental Impact: We understand the importance of environmental assessments in offshore projects. Our AI solutions contribute to the protection and preservation of marine ecosystems and can be the perfect match for innovative, regenerative sustainability projects.

Are you ready to join us on this transformative journey? Schedule an exploratory calll today and experience the difference ethical AI can make. Together, we can create an AI-powered world that will help our oceans thrive.


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