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Why we are excited to be expanding to Rimouski

Updated: Mar 6

We recently announced Whale Seeker’s expanded reach to Rimouski, but we wanted to take a minute to talk about the reasons behind this move. Here are a few thoughts on why we’re excited about our new office at Novarium.


Rimouski is a city in the province of Quebec, located in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, at the mouth of the Rimouski River. Surrounded by a natural laboratory, and home to a multitude of research and teaching institutions, Rimouski has earned status as the Marine Technopole of Quebec. The city’s commercial seaport strategically opens to large European markets and the Canadian and American Great Lakes. Specialists in maritime technologies and applied research, and intermodal maritime transport make the port of Rimouski an important centre for the development of maritime transport and technology.

Rimouski’s strategic location allows our team to have proximity to key collaborators, clients and potential partners, which in turn will open up further growth opportunities for Whale Seeker.


Rimouski is also home to FLOTS, the first startup accelerator in the East of Quebec. This accelerator, which Whale Seeker is proud to be a part of, is dedicated to accelerating startup growth in the Blue Economy sector.

Sustainability is at the heart of Whale Seeker. In addition to our internal sustainability policies and initiatives, we launched the Whale Carbon Plus Project in June 2022 together with incredible partners in Canada in order to determine the value of whale ecosystem services and create a market-ready solution to incentivize global whale monitoring and conservation. Rimouski is the perfect place to be in order to advance our purpose.


At Whale Seeker we aim to foster an environment that allows everyone to work in the healthiest way possible, we are a remote-first workplace and we offer our employees flexible work arrangements.

This means that while some of our team members will be based in Rimouski, having a presence in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, is still an important aspect of our culture and values. This flexibility ensures that we’re catering to our team’s needs in a way we can better serve our clients as well, and leverage each location’s strengths. For example, our AI team will remain in Montreal, a world-renowned AI hub, which allows us to tap into the growing Montreal AI community and further advance our technology.

On a last and more personal note, as an ecologist married to a marine biologist, I can’t wait to be closer to nature and the water, and for our daughter to develop a deeper connection with our marine environment.

If you are in Rimouski and want to learn more about Whale Seeker, or discuss potential collaborations, we’d love to chat. Heck, even if you are NOT in the area!

Cheers to change, new opportunities, and growing Whale Seeker’s impact!


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