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Ensuring Compliance and Marine Life Preservation through Cutting-Edge Monitoring


Are you a part of the maritime industry facing increasing regulations and sustainability objectives related to marine mammal protection?

Do you find it challenging to comply with laws governing ship speeds, noise, construction, and geological surveys and you need a technology solution to meet these objectives efficiently and effectively?


Navigating the regulatory landscape and reputational risks while meeting operational objectives can be a daunting task.

Introducing Möbius, Möbius Observer and Arc, your access to superior monitoring technology designed to assist the energy industry meeting regulatory and sustainability objectives while preserving marine life.


Experience the Advantages of Whale Seeker

Strengthen trust in environmental impact assessments

With enhanced accuracy and reliability in marine mammal monitoring and by leveraging AI capabilities, our solution provides standardised and auditable marine mammal detection, ensuring the integrity of your assessments.

Real-time marine mammal detection

Minimise the risk of presence and collisions and ensure compliance with relevant regulations with our Arc front-facing infrared and electro-optical technology or leverage Möbius Observer to combine drone imagery with on-site marine mammal observers for real-time detection.

Contribute to the blue carbon economy

By actively implementing our solutions, you not only ensure compliance with marine mammal protection regulations but also become a driving force in the blue carbon economy - actively contributing to the preservation of marine life and the reduction of carbon emissions, all while fostering sustainable energy practices.


Industries that trust us

Whale Seeker has made impressive progress in developing AI models to detect seals, polar bears and their behavioral interactions. Their forward-thinking vision prioritizes continuous improvements while maintaining a responsible and contextual approach, and their success in identifying polar bear tracks is particularly exciting.

Scientific researcher

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

The Whale Seeker team's passion for conservation is absolutely intoxicating. Working with them not only inspired us to think about more ethical approaches to data analysis, but also highlighted the importance for nature technology companies to focus on finding solutions that are effective and have an impact on the environment. We look forward to continuing to work with this incredible team in the future.

Director of Data Science

Black Bawks Ltd

Since 2021, Transport Canada has supported Canadian innovators by tracking the effectiveness of remotely piloted aircraft system operations, coupled with advanced camera sensors and artificial intelligence, as the primary detection method for North Atlantic right whales . Advancing this technology contributes to the safe and efficient delivery of goods while protecting endangered marine mammals.

François Collins

Director General, Air Services, Transport Canada

Partner with us to actively contribute to sustainable energy practices with Möbius, Möbius Observer and Arc.

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