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Unleash the Blue Carbon Economy Potential with Our Innovations


Do you struggle in harnessing the full potential of the blue economy while aligning with sustainability frameworks?

Do you require advanced technology and expertise for capitalising on blue carbon opportunities, especially in the light of the growing push by TNFD and SBTN?


We understand that the complexity of marine mammal detection and monitoring, coupled with the need to align with sustainability frameworks like TNFD and SBTN, can hinder progress in unlocking the full potential of the blue carbon economy.

Introducing Möbius, Arc and Cetus, the solutions that empower innovators to unlock the vast potential of the blue carbon economy while aligning with current sustainability frameworks and in line with the UN global sustainability goals.


Experience the Advantages of Whale Seeker

Automated detection for marine mammals

Our solution combines advanced machine vision development, marine mammal ecology expertise, and cutting-edge technology to streamline marine mammal detection and protection, ultimately advancing research and conservation efforts.

Alignment with sustainability frameworks

By aligning with key sustainability frameworks such as TNFD and SBTN, our technology ensures that innovators are well-positioned to meet evolving global standards, enhancing their credibility and sustainability efforts.

Contribution to cultural heritage and carbon sequestration

By averting the high costs associated with whale mortality, our solutions not only help preserve these marine giants and their cultural, ecological, economic, and climate benefits (including carbon sequestration potential valued at over $1 trillion), but also empower decision-makers to make environmentally wise choices, safeguarding marine ecosystems and ensuring long-term prosperity.


Industries that trust us

Whale Seeker has made impressive progress in developing AI models to detect seals, polar bears and their behavioral interactions. Their forward-thinking vision prioritizes continuous improvements while maintaining a responsible and contextual approach, and their success in identifying polar bear tracks is particularly exciting.

Scientific researcher

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

The Whale Seeker team's passion for conservation is absolutely intoxicating. Working with them not only inspired us to think about more ethical approaches to data analysis, but also highlighted the importance for nature technology companies to focus on finding solutions that are effective and have an impact on the environment. We look forward to continuing to work with this incredible team in the future.

Director of Data Science

Black Bawks Ltd

Since 2021, Transport Canada has supported Canadian innovators by tracking the effectiveness of remotely piloted aircraft system operations, coupled with advanced camera sensors and artificial intelligence, as the primary detection method for North Atlantic right whales . Advancing this technology contributes to the safe and efficient delivery of goods while protecting endangered marine mammals.

François Collins

Director General, Air Services, Transport Canada

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