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Whale Seeker is now qualified to sell directly to the Government of Canada

Updated: Mar 6

Whale Seeker’s Möbius is now Qualified for Direct Government Sales Under the Pathway to Commercialization Program

MONTRÉAL, QUÉBEC, November 27 /GLOBE NEWSWIRE/ — Whale Seeker Inc., a pioneer in artificial intelligence for marine mammal detection, is proud to announce that our flagship product, Möbius, has been granted approval under the Pathway to Commercialization (PTC) program. This significant development means that Möbius is now qualified for direct sale to any government agency in Canada, streamlining the procurement process and enabling direct contracting without the need for further competition.

This approval, part of the Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) framework, allows Whale Seeker to offer Möbius to a wide range of government departments for various applications. These include shipping lane management, comprehensive marine mammal surveys, conservation projects, Marine Protected Area (MPA) management, fisheries management, and more.

Emily Charry Tissier, CEO of Whale Seeker, states, “This is a game-changer for us at Whale Seeker. Gaining direct access to government contracts greatly enhances our ability to contribute to Canada’s marine conservation efforts. Möbius is uniquely positioned to support a wide array of government initiatives related to marine mammal protection and maritime industry regulation.”

About Möbius

Möbius uses advanced AI algorithms to quickly and accurately identify marine mammals in aerial imagery, making it an invaluable tool for environmental monitoring and decision-making. Its proven efficiency, being 97% faster than manual annotation methods, and human-expert level accuracy make it a top choice for large-scale marine projects.

Applications for Government Agencies

With its new PTC qualification, Möbius can significantly aid government agencies in several key areas:

  • Shipping Lane Management: Enhancing the safety and efficiency of maritime navigation while minimizing marine mammal disturbances.

  • Marine Mammal Surveys: Providing detailed, rapid assessments for ecological studies and environmental impact analyses.

  • Conservation Efforts: Assisting in the protection and study of endangered marine species.

  • MPA Management: Supporting the management and enforcement of Marine Protected Areas with accurate data.

  • Fisheries Management: Aiding in sustainable fisheries practices through accurate marine mammal detection.

Founded in 2018, Whale Seeker Inc. is a Montréal-based company that leverages AI to advance marine mammal detection for sustainable marine practices. A Certified B Corporation, Whale Seeker collaborates with maritime industry partners, academic institutions, and governments to support and enhance marine ecosystem health.


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Whale Seeker's Möbius

For further information, please contact: Marina Galvao, Head of Science Communication at Whale Seeker


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