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Sustainable Fishing: Monitoring for Profit and Planet


Are you balancing profitability with environmental responsibility and in need of precise data for sustainable practices? Are you trying to avoid ecological harm and legal repercussions due to overfishing and unintended harm to marine life?


We understand that the industry's greatest conundrum lies in effectively monitoring marine life and understanding the complex dynamics of our oceans. This challenge intensifies as global demand for seafood grows and regulations become increasingly stringent.

Meet Arc, the groundbreaking solution for real-time marine mammal detection on fishing vessels. Arc leverages cameras directly installed on your ships, ushering in a new era of real-time monitoring and dynamic decision-making.


Experience the Advantages of Whale Seeker

Unparalleled accuracy in detecting marine mammals

Our product guarantees unparalleled precision in detecting marine mammals, addressing the fishing industry's critical need for accurate data, thus safeguarding marine life by limiting bycatch or entanglements.

Dynamic decision-making for eco-friendly fishing

Our technology empowers you with the ability to make real-time adjustments for eco-friendly fishing, ensuring you maintain profitability while minimizing the ecological impact, a key consideration for modern fisheries.

Compliance with regulations and sustainable practices

Implementing our solution ensures alignment with environmental regulations and responsible fishing practices, safeguarding your operations against legal consequences and playing a vital role in preserving marine ecosystems for future generations.


Industries that trust us

Whale Seeker has made impressive progress in developing AI models to detect seals, polar bears and their behavioral interactions. Their forward-thinking vision prioritizes continuous improvements while maintaining a responsible and contextual approach, and their success in identifying polar bear tracks is particularly exciting.

Scientific researcher

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

The Whale Seeker team's passion for conservation is absolutely intoxicating. Working with them not only inspired us to think about more ethical approaches to data analysis, but also highlighted the importance for nature technology companies to focus on finding solutions that are effective and have an impact on the environment. We look forward to continuing to work with this incredible team in the future.

Director of Data Science

Black Bawks Ltd

Since 2021, Transport Canada has supported Canadian innovators by tracking the effectiveness of remotely piloted aircraft system operations, coupled with advanced camera sensors and artificial intelligence, as the primary detection method for North Atlantic right whales . Advancing this technology contributes to the safe and efficient delivery of goods while protecting endangered marine mammals.

François Collins

Director General, Air Services, Transport Canada

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