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The future of marine mammal detection leveraging infrared forward-facing technology


Imagine a cutting-edge tool that uses infrared technology for real-time marine mammal detection. Arc is designed to become your solution for enhancing safety, dynamic management, compliance, reporting and marine mammal well-being in ocean environments.


Arc is currently in development with leading industry partners and promises to leverage infrared technology to serve as a warning system. Arc will integrate with existing ship systems and provide data to relevant stakeholders for real-time decision-making.


Whale Seeker is currently developing proprietary AI technology for real time marine mammal detection to avoid collisions, collect accurate information on marine mammal presence, and identify critical habitats.


Arc software processes data from the environment using infrared technology.


Arc notifies the captain, government, or other relevant stakeholders when a marine mammal is present.


The stakeholder reviews the detection and makes the appropriate decision to avoid collisions. Images are stored and can be audited.

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