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The Annotation Solution that Checks Every Box for Marine Mammal Detection

Updated: Mar 6

In a world increasingly reliant on AI and automation, you might wonder why anyone would spend countless hours manually scouring aerial and satellite images to detect marine mammals. After all, there are numerous annotation solutions, both free and paid, claiming to automate visual tasks. So, why choose Möbius ?

Möbius is not just another annotation tool; it's the antidote to the limitations and frustrations you might encounter with other solutions. While free tools like VIAME, Dataloop, or CVAT offer options for annotation, they often fall short in several critical aspects. They may lack the expert support you need, involve a steep learning curve, or demand a significant overhaul of your data infrastructure.

Our premium solution, Möbius, sets itself apart by addressing these limitations head-on. Here's why we tick all the boxes:

‍1. A Team of Experts: We boast a team of experts in both biology and AI. From model selection to data preparation and infrastructure management, we have you covered.

‍2. Personalized Support: We don't just provide a tool; we're your partners in the journey. We translate your conservation or industry challenges into technical solutions and adapt our approach to your unique environment and species.

‍3. Robust Pipeline: Our automation infrastructure ensures reliability and consistency in our results.

‍4. High-Quality Annotation Data: Our models are trained on meticulously annotated data triple-checked by our Lead Biologist, ensuring top-notch results.

‍5. Ethical and Secure: We handle our own infrastructure and data hosting, prioritizing security. We're also B Corp certified, emphasizing fair employee treatment and ethical business practices.

So, why choose Möbius? Because we're more than an annotation solution; we're your dedicated partners in marine mammal detection. Together, we can elevate your conservation efforts or industry compliance to new heights. Contact us today and experience the future of marine mammal detection with Möbius. Your commitment to marine life and ethical business practices starts here.


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