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2022 BOAT Ocean Awards

Updated: Mar 14

We are thrilled to announce that Möbius has earned the recognition of being the runner-up in the Innovation category at the 2022 BOAT International Ocean Awards. Each year, this event, held in collaboration with BOAT International, takes the time to honor the remarkable efforts and accomplishments of individuals, organizations, and groups from across the globe who are deeply committed to the restoration and preservation of our oceans' health.

In its eighth year, the Ocean Awards stand as a beacon of appreciation for a diverse array of initiatives. From local community-driven endeavors to expansive research undertakings, the awards cast a spotlight on the remarkable achievements that contribute to safeguarding the oceans we hold dear.

This acknowledgment underscores Möbius' commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility and making meaningful strides in the betterment of our marine ecosystems. The 2022 BOAT International Ocean Awards not only honor Möbius' achievements but also provide a platform to celebrate the outstanding individuals, visionary technologies, and impactful environmental projects that have graced this year's shortlist.

As we reflect upon the accomplishments of Möbius and other exceptional finalists, we are reminded of the collective responsibility we share in safeguarding our oceans for generations to come. The strides made by these innovators serve as a testament to human ingenuity and the profound impact that can be achieved when passion, dedication, and cutting-edge thinking converge in pursuit of a shared goal – a healthier, thriving marine environment.

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