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The Whale Carbon Plus Project

Updated: Mar 6

The Whale Carbon Plus Project (WCPP) brings together diverse ocean stakeholders to develop scalable, replicable methods to incentivize the monitoring and protection of whales.

“Increasing the world’s whale populations is a win-win strategy to capture more carbon from the atmosphere and improve ocean health. However, for whale protection measures to be adopted on a global scale, we need to incentivize businesses and other stakeholders to take whale-healthy actions by proving the benefits of protecting whales far exceed the cost. By using ethical AI we aim to set not only a high technical standard for whale detection, but also an ethical one.”

— Emily Charry Tissier, CEO of Whale Seeker

WCPP Partners: Blue Green World, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Baffinland, Whale Seeker, Whale and Dolphin Conservation


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