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Whale Seeker Wins UpLink’s Great Blue Wall Ocean Challenge

Updated: Mar 14

We are thrilled and deeply honored to announce that Whale Seeker has been selected as one of the top winners of the prestigious Great Blue Wall Challenge by UpLink – World Economic Forum.

At Whale Seeker, we leverage AI to deliver better, simpler, and faster marine mammal detection data when it matters most. From forging partnerships with the shipping industry to mitigate animal collisions to joining forces with government entities to study one of the Arctic's largest Marine Protected Areas, our mission is to ensure humans and marine mammals can thrive together! We collaborate with managers, researchers, and industries, swiftly providing reliable data that becomes a potent tool for safeguarding these awe-inspiring species. Each success story becomes a testament to our shared commitment to preserving the wonder of marine life for generations to come.     

Africa's Great Blue Wall Initiative, led by countries in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) region, alongside the IUCN and a coalition of partners, represents a visionary mission. By 2030, the initiative aims to preserve, safeguard, and rejuvenate an impressive 2 million hectares of precious ocean and coastal ecosystems. In pursuit of this noble goal, the Great Blue Wall also endeavors to foster the growth of a regenerative blue economy that benefits both humanity and the planet. We are proud to be part of this noble cause that seeks to create a sustainable and thriving future for our planet!

For more information, check out this link and check out the Youtube video.


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