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Aligning with U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

As biologists and entrepreneurs, we are uniquely placed to understand that there is no healthy alternative to sustainable development. For us, that means we are motivated to create solutions that enable humans and marine mammals to coexist in healthy ways, but it also means creating a company that values a healthy economy, sustainable business, growth, and creates an environment for our team as well as collaborators to work that is safe, respectful, and fulfilling professionally and personally. We believe entrepreneurs have the responsibility and opportunity to be a force for good and create the better world we all dream of.

“Create a better world” — Great! But, that statement is so damn vague. What actions and measurable improvements can organizations make for meaningful progress? Whale Seeker is B Corp Pending and we’ve already discussed B Corps and the B Economy, but the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offer additional areas of focus so that any company or group can make a tailor-made action plan, and measure them over time.

Our actions for each applicable SDG can be found here. No, we don’t tackle every single one of the 17 goals. But, we use the SDG Action Manager and continually examine how we can improve and expand our positive impacts. This is how we aim to model sustainable entrepreneurship, ethical AI, and responsible and respectful growth. “Better world”- Here we come!


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